Kristin Adams

Josiah Adkins

Corey Barb

Curtis Baskerville

Diana Bragg

Ethel Bragg

Lisa Bragg

Sarah Bragg

Tim Brooks

Shannon Brown

Ashley Bungard

Heidi Carbaugh

Marina Ciciumella

Samuel Carter

Wade Davis

Kevin Dean

Shena Dean

Austin Dempsey


Ashley Ellis

Alexander Feeser

Howard Frantz

Laura Freeman

Angel Gandee

Nikki Gassaway

Alexandria Hager

Connie Hager

Peter Harmon

Allen Hatfield

Linda Hatfield

Ryan Hatfield

Emily Marie Hayes

Gary Henry

Doris Horst

David Hosteter

Gavin Huntsberry

Ashton Hyler

Don Hyler

Jim Jeffrey

Wilma Jeffrey

Jesse Jewell

Arley Johnson

Jamie Jordan

Seth Jude

Michael Keplinger

Katharine Kingsley




Stanton Kowalinsky

Kathryn Krasse

Mike Laganz

Kathryn Lamana

Joshua Lautenslager

Darrell Lockhart

Ivona Mae

Kendra Marcum

Susan Mensah

Jennifer Moore

Levi Moore

Tyler Moore IV

Victoria Moore

Danny Morris

Kara Myren

Lillian Phipps

Elaine Purkey

William Richards

Christopher Robin

Zoe Robinson

Angie St. Gelais

Sarah Smith

Ray Smock

Wilma Steele

Kelly Stogsdill

Kelsey Stogsdill

Cherry Stollings

Keionna Lei Tesi

Colette Theroux

Karina Thompson

Aleister Trusty

Marjorie Valencia

Morena Valencia

Allison Varney

Kylee Varney

Luther Varney

Parker Varney

Tori Varney

Phil Vera

Hannah Wardell

Trisha Werner

August West

Kayla Bragg

Keionnia Williamson

Matthew Williamson




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Many thanks to the nearly 100 volunteers who helped out as extras in Mingo County and Shepherdstown. And to those who cooked meals and baked cakes and cookies. And to the homeowners, business owners and officials who provided wonderful locations: Raymond Smock, Director of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies at Shepherd University; John Small, Berkeley County Clerk for Berkeley County Courthouse; J. Davitt McAteer, law office; Shepherdstown Opera House; Ronald Grubb, Minister Christ Reformed Church, Shepherdstown; Mary Stevenson, Shepherdstown house; David France, General Services Administration, Federal Courthouse steps, Charleston; Dennis Stewart, West Virginia Capitol Building; Wilma Steele, Red Jacket, house; Split Pine Lodging, Delbarton; Varney Community Center; Trish Bragg and her Family in Pie.