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Theresa Russell-Trish Bragg A critically acclaimed actress who has appeared in more than 40 films. Among the most well-known are Black Widow, The Last Tycoon, and Spiderman 3. Recently she played Liz Taylor's mother in Lifetime's Liz and Dick. She is considered one of the most beautiful actresses. Recently she starred in feature film "A Winter Rose" and appeared in TV series "Delete".

Tina Alexis Allen-Elaine Purkey A GLAAD Award nominee, she has played a wide range of characters in theatre, film, and television, from a powerhouse executive to housewife to transsexual. Famed acting coach Susan Batson has described her as "a true chameleon - capable of playing anything." Recently she has a recurring role in TV Series "" Outsiders" and has appeared in TV mini-series "Looking for Kathleen" and film "Tom's Dilemma"

Michael Alban-Joe Lovett Has appeared in "House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey and "Veep". He has been in nearly two dozen movies and television shows, frequently as the lead.

Austin Jetton-Arley Johnson
A performer in international and national musical theater, he has traveled the world, performing on many stages. Theater credits include Cats, Showboat, and Starlight Express and very proud to have performed with the 1950's group "The Platters."

Rachel St. Gelais-Kayla Bragg Only nine, she has appeared in 18 films and 3 television shows, including The Blind Side and Homeland.

Michael Meredith (Martin)-John Ailes Veteran West Virginia actor with a long list of credits: Silence of the Lambs, Matewan, Chasers, (directed by Dennis Hopper) Down in Number Five (2010 Academy Award Student film) TV film Country Justice (with George C. Scott) and numerous stage appearances. He is also Mayor of Mount Hope.

Greg Harpold-Miner Barry Accomplished stage and screen actor from Charleston. Appeared in Mothman, television series Letter TV, and TV film Country Justice.

Rick Roberts-Coal Official He has appeared in numerous films, including We Are Marshall. Recently he's playing a sheriff in "The Fifth Hollar," a youtube TV series and appeared in "The Death of Floyd Collins."

Scott Carpenter-Judge Haden Multi-talented West Virginia actor who has been writing and directing plays and musicals for years. He, along with his family, performs to thousands each year in churches across the country. Scott also supervised the musical score.

Tina Larson-Susan Came to the casting call on a whim, after seeing a Facebook announcement. Perfect fit for the role of Susan. Now a Charleston resident, she had worked in the art department of two films during the early years of the 21st Century.


T. Paige Dalporto-Dewey Bragg

John Halstead-Ben Bailey

James Butcher-Brother Goodman

James Caniford-Judge

Alexandra Hewett-OSM Director

Wyatt Payne-Student

Debra Schultz-Singer

Pat McGinley-Himself

Lexi Hager-Little Girl

Lisa Trusty-Secretary

Jeannie Young-Angry Woman

Arlene Varney-Church Woman

Terry McConnaughey-John Ludwig

Helen Mary Ball-Old Woman

Lisa Gandee-DEP Official

Dennis Harrison-DEP Director

Dustin Tichenor-Danny

Taylor Horst-Connie Bragg

Ricardo Accurso-NYT Reporter

Danielle H. Moore - DEP Secretary

Flem A. O'Dell - Stream Ecologist

Curtis Baskerville -Clerk House of Delegates














Michael Alban


Theresa Russell



Tina Alexis Allen


Tina Larson